Unmarried Fathers Beware, You May Need to Adopt Your Own Child.

Are you saying I might have to bring a Court Application to adopt my own child?
Yes indeed.

This is how it could happen, if you answer yes to these questions below:

1. You were not married to your child’s mother.
2. You never lived together in a permanent life partnership.
3. You were perhaps not aware of your child’s existence or you did not have any contact with the mother.
4. You did not make any contribution to his maintenance or upbringing. You did not consent to be identified as his father.

If the above circumstances apply to your situation, then you are not automatically entitled to have contact with your child, but you could be compelled to pay maintenance.

Even worse, you may have to bring a Court Application to adopt him or even have contact with him.

So, if you are worried about your rights, contact a Family Law Attorney immediately.

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